Giant Strides

We are exceedingly thankful to God for the wonderful experience of a great session.  It’s almost difficult to accept that another year in which our great school has moved from strength to strength, has just rolled by.

Giant strides do not just happen, they do with persistent hard work, ceaseless supplications and at the set time, for everything has its time.

Often times, it seems like we were slow and expectations were that we should have done things earlier than we did or are even doing. In what seem like time wasting, we were actually stalking and waiting for the right time. During this period, many other activities not very visible to many, took place and in this perfecting state, learning for change went on simultaneously. What you now see unleashed thereafter, are loads of success stories. These were the great strides we took.

All these could not have been possible without formidable and well instructed educators, who were continually trained to mentor and coach the children.

As we prepare to send off another batch of our dear pupils into the world (Grade 5 and SSS 3), we are trusting God to pave ways for them as they embark on the next stage of life.

On behalf of the staff, management and the entire Master Moulders Family, I congratulate all the graduating pupils/students and wish them all the best in life.

We can never thank our ever supportive parents enough. We also appreciate the indefatigable chairman of the parents represented team and the entire members of the team. It could not have been possible without you. We also thank everyone who has made and continued to make the Master Moulders dream a reality. May you find fulfillment in life now and years to come.

Thank You.