A Word From The Proprietress

To God be the glory, great things he has done!

The successful journey from there (where we were) to here (where we are presently), has been by God’s mighty hand.  This is the reason why in humility, I say a very “BIG THANK YOU” to Him.

I would like to say thank you to all the parents, teachers, friends and well wishers of Master Moulders International Academy for your support, encouragements and tireless efforts towards the upgrading of all areas of the school.

This year marks our 8th Graduation Ceremony of our Nursery and Elementary School and the 6th, for our Junior and Senior Secondary Schools.

This edition takes account of recent developments and progresses as we moved from the former Primary School site to our new Ultra Modern facility. There has also been an increase in employments of competent academic staff, enforcement of an improved curriculum and co-curricular activities and also, various field trips which accompanied classroom learning.

This year, God has helped us to achieve success in all segments of the school through a lot of hard work and commitment on the part of the Teachers and the management staff.

The school, Master Moulders International Academy, has moved on from the route learning principles to practicalization (putting into practice, all that is being taught in the class), which has helped prepare our children for both local and International competitions.

During this session, the following activities took place in the school.

  1. Productive debates: where students picked sides and get cheered. (Every forth Night).
  2. Story telling that engages student. (Show and Tell).
  3. Spelling bee competition. (Every forth Night)
  4. Public demonstration and defense of projects in the classroom and on the assembly by students which made the children experience anticipation, excitement and self expression in public glare. These always result in celebrations as it usually turn out to be joyous.
  5. Art; which is the foundation of learning.
  6. Music: Pupils were taught to play instruments like the Piano, Drums, Flute, Recorder, Violin and the likes.
  7. The use of tablets for e-learning which enhanced the practice of topics learnt in the classroom.
  8. Excursion to various places of interest; where the pupils and students were able to learn, explore and see things for themselves as it is said that children retain 75% of what they see as compared to what they read or hear.

All in all, it has been a wonderful and glorious session. All this could no have been achieved without the co-operation of our esteemed parents, excellent teachers, ever-ready-to-learn pupils and efficient management staff. That is why I am using this medium once again, to appreciate you all and pray for God’s blessings upon you.